Commercial and Investment Real Estate

Lending Area: 

Loan Term:      
Typically 6-24 months

Loan Size:       
From $200,000 to $500,000

Interest Rate: 
Typically 9.9% -15%, interest only

Loan Fee:        
Three to Six percent (2-4%) of the loan amount

Single asset, Special Purpose Entity

Loan to Value:  
Up to 65% LTV

Good Faith:       
Typically between $1,750-12,500 based upon the third party information required*

Deposit Prepayment:         
No prepayment penalties after (6) months

Closing Costs:        
Borrower pays all legal, closing and other out of pocket expenses.

Closing Terms:      
LOI’s typically turned around in (2) working days. Closings often within (10) days

*Borrower shall be charged for DCC’s actual third party costs required only. Balance shall be      refunded to borrower or applied to closing costs.

Learn more about Our Loan Process  or the Loan Package Checklist.